For a long time I've had the idea of writing in English. For it not to become an obsession I decided it to do it now. Of what am I going to write, still don't know. I'll just let my fingers type the keyboard and see what comes out of it. It can be a kind of a cadavre exquisit like the ones the surrealists made. I'm not aware if they did cadavres that turn into articles or brief essays. In fact, I only know they used that technique in poetry and painting. Nevertheless, I'll do it.

One of the ideas of cadavres exquisits was to let the inconscious mind flow and become evident. Let's not forget Freud's ideas were fresh in the mind of the rest of the Western world and were taken quite seriously. According to Freud, there are certain things our mind tends to archive and put a "lock" that the conscious mind cannot access. To liberate those memories he proposed the Psychoanalysis, since it unveils everything to the conscious mind.

Another way to do it, the surrealists think, is by acting in ways to avoid the conscious thought. That's how they did the authomatic writing. In fact, cadavre exquisit is more of a communion techinique rather than a psychoanalytical one. The most interasting about the incounsciousness theory is that it sustains that everything we tend to do has an inconcious background. Following this premise it's easy to conclude that man has no freedom.

If everything I do is determined by my inconscious, what's the point of arguing about free will? I don't even know if this short text was made because I wanted to speak about the inconscious mind in Freud or because my inconscious mind pulled me to write about it. What I find even more disturbing is the fact that we tend to stock up some memories for the sake of ourselves. Does our mind take decisions without counseling us? If that's true, then who are we?

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