I'm taking the blue pill...got a flu.

Maybe my brain will shut down in a few minutes...after taking the pill.

It always happens.

But I still got the new Metallica album in mi i-tunes...so fucking what!


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Saulo dijo...

Dear chunga, the blue pill is the common name for a very famous medicine: Viagra.
The only head that will shut down, will have a lot of fun before!

Saulo dijo...

by the way, why are we writing in english?

Roberto dijo...

You're absolutley right about the blue pill, hahahaha.

I don't know, just the ideas came to me in English, this time... maybe I'm still hooked up with my trip to Texas a month ago.

Maybe just practicing my writing to send future papers to some colleges and maybe start my PhD elsewhere.

Enrique G de la G dijo...

Blue pill? WTF!

Jajaja... No voy a repetir lo que dice Saulo...