All nightmare long / Metallica

Wow! I was able to download Death Magnetic, the new Metallica album, yesterday and man, it kicks ass. This is the album I've been waiting for since becoming a Metallica fan. Definetly it blows away the three previous (St. Anger, Re-Load and Load). It's the heaviest music they have made since And Justice for All. According to the Epicurean philosophy one should achieve happines by the simple pleasures (natures and necessary, i.e., eat, breath, drink water) and avoid any other type of pleasure. Listening to Death Magnetic has given me such pleasure and become so happy I would, in this moment, ignore Epicure and his will for real happiness. I'm just driven happy!

The song posted above is called "All Nightmare Long" and it's so damn heavy it chilled me out. I'm serious, I was listening to it while driving and when the intro of the song started I got chicken skin all over me. Just loved it. Thank God Metallica is back. This is the Metallica I became fan of, this is the Metallica any die hard fan, like me, was expecting. The double bass is back, the heavy riffs are back, the bass itself is back, the solos are back, the angry lyrics are back. For sure I'm going to be at noon on September 12th to get the CD.

Fucking enjoy!

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