Suicide and Redemption / Metallica

I just can't --and don't want to-- stop listening to the new Metallica album. Thank God they're back in metal business. I was able to leak the album a week before it's release and ever since been putting it everywhere: my house, my office, my car --even my son (3 years old) asks me to repeat All Nightmare Long every time we are in the car--. There have been different songs I've liked more throught this time and now I've found that one of them I enjoy so much listening to and playing it in the guitar is Suicide & Redemption. So beautiful, so melodic, so intense, so well written. It's fabulous. Click the song to listen it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Robert Trujillo in the bass is awsome and Lars in the drums is at his best.
PS. Can anyone tell me how to upload videos from Youtube in my blog? I used to do it but it seems the configuration changed...

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